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PSM Training

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
- Benjamin Franklin

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Training that will take you to the next level.


PSM training – through the unique lens of a complete PSM Management Tool.

The APSM software platform has been fine-tuned and improved over the past 25 years. It’s a solution that is nearly as old as PSM itself. This includes 25 years of software and implementation experience, customer requests, enhancements, and depth that PSM training focused solely on the regulations or requirements simply cannot offer. When you get into the weeds and take the detours and side streets of real world PSM management, and when you look at the level of detail required to really manage the little things and combine it with the experience of actually created a software solution to address the requirements effectively – there is no comparison.

Others simply haven’t had the time required to develop and include or develop an effective solution for all of the little things. Little things like due date change requests and approvals for studies, linked inspection templates and nameplate data fields, a fully integrated training system that links to actual SOPs in a dynamic way so that any change results in a renewed training requirements upon completion, and a dashboard that is truly comprehensive to every single type of task, and the ability to actually perform every type of task inside one program. The deeper you dig, the more APSM shines compared to the competition.


Get Recognized for your expertise.

APSM also offers a series of certifications that offers participants validation in technical competencies and expertise so they can effectively oversee, implement, and support APSM solutions. The program offers credentials through certification and testing and recognizes depth of achievement in areas of expertise in the APSM software suite. These certification classes are hands-on and include several workshop sessions to ensure that trainees are completely involved in the learning process.

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APSM 2024 Certification Course

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Approved for up to 8 Continuing Education Credits towards RETA certification

Sign up for the REFRESHER course if you’ve already been certified previously. Sign up for NEW TRAINING if you’ve never been certified.

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Simply The Best

PSM software that does it all for you. Quickly. Easily.

The APSM Software solution addresses ALL of the PSM elements, and ALL of the action items are visible to ALL of the users which creates a simple, unified, connected approach for any company to stay on top of all the PSM and RMP requirements – and most importantly – do it efficiently. And, best of all, there is a comprehensive scorecard to show everything top to bottom. All the elements, All the data. All the time. Active, dynamic, reliable data, available 24/7 from anywhere – in real time.

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