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Previously, the Monthly SOP Notifications email was a setting that required APSM managed by request, and anyone with at least Plant Administrator permission level could Certify SOPs. With this release we have created a Management Tool (SOP Admin) that allows the Facilities to manage who receives the monthly notifications email, and who has Review/Certify permissions for any plant location.

This tool is found within the SOP area as a button/icon titled SOP Admin. This allows users with Plant or Company Admin rights to manage who receives the Monthly SOP Certification Emails, who can Review/Certify SOPs for that location, and who sees the SOP Certification section on their Dashboard (this personal scorecard data will be available shortly).

To access/view the SOP Admin area, click on the new SOP admin button located in the top right-hand corner of any SOP page.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Admin Information

This will display any and all users that currently have permissions or active notifications or settings within the SOP area. 

To add a user, (and then select which options you’d like that user to have), click the Add button.

Process Information with the SOP Admin tool

Select an Employee from the dropdown list, and check each setting the user needs, then select Save.

SOP Setting Options are detailed in the pop up window but are listed below:

  • Notification (Users with this option get the Monthly Email Notification)
  • Dashboard (Users with this option get the Dashboard Widget) (Dashboard will Released in near future)
  • Review/Certify (Users with this option have the permission to Review/Certify the SOP)
Add Settings to the Standard Operating Procedure Tool

You can edit or delete chosen settings as well from this grid view.

Use the SOP Admin tool to Edit or Replace Settings for Process System Management

If a user, regardless of their system permissions does not have the Review/Certify permission setting for a particular Plant, they will not see the buttons to Review/Certify the SOPs for that particular Plant.  So, if they need to or should have those permissions, or don’t see the Review/Certify buttons, simply add that user permission using the steps above. 

Review & Certify Permissions in the SOP Admin Tool
More Options in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP Admin) Tool

Please note that any individual that previously was added to receive the Monthly SOP Notification email has been automatically setup to get the same Notification and also has been granted Review/Certify permission for those Plants they get the Notification for.