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Providing Software Solutions For Process Safety Compliance and Management For 20 Years

Over the past 25 years, APSM has built a reputation as the most trusted and recommended PSM and RMP software on the market. Our clients cite expert guidance and know-how from APSM’s developers and programmers, along with customized service that aligns the APSM solution with individual company and industry needs. 

One constant in the industry is change, and as rules and regulations are adopted or modified, APSM evolves to meet those needs. We take feedback from our clients and adapt the system where necessary to improve user experience and streamline compliance and management procedures.

APSM is trusted by hundreds of clients in the ammonia industry. Here’s what a few of those clients have to say about our software.

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“APSM Had The Most Comprehensive Platforms That Covers Everything Necessary For Our Programs and Compliance.”

“We were looking for a PSM software that would be a good tool for some of our customers. We had several different ones years ago. Now, we’ve been working for six years with APSM. They had the most comprehensive platform that covers everything necessary for our programs and compliance. 

APSM helps keep any recommendations, scheduling and tasking of those recommendations, documents audits, PHAs, meetings where assignments are due, etc. That is a key part of what we like about the software. I would absolutely refer APSM to others. The top benefits are the compliance snapshot, where you can see where the facility is in regard to how they’re doing with compliance; the notifications and reminders of upcoming tasks—whether someone has a recommendation assigned to them and the management change wizard. 

I also like the ability to create all of the auditing tools and how you can create your own inspection checklist. We chose APSM and continue to use it and provide it to our customers—it is, as far as I know, the most comprehensive software on the market for PSM. It’s definitely the best one out there right now. The responsiveness of Tyson and his team is really wonderful. The customer support we get when we have a question is very, very good. They have a great support team there.”

 –Ryan Murphy, Basset Mechanical

“Using The APSM Tool, We Work On Compliance As Well As Managing Documentation For OSHA and Standards With The EPA”

“We are nationwide commercial industrial air and ACHC providers headquartered in Virginia providing commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Using the APSM tool, we work on compliance as well as managing documentation for OSHA and standards with the EPA. We have a number of clients who utilize APSM that we provide ongoing support for. 

The biggest problem we faced was being able to have visibility of all the activities required compliance and inspection maintenance in one time that was accessible anytime. Now, I can log in to APSM and see the programs that companies that we work with, such as Pilgrim and other clients that use our services. 

One of the key features is that you can set up a compliance calendar. That benefits us the most because it’s a way to standardize our approach with the same tools and follow corporate policies and procedures. 

The customer support is excellent. One of the most positive things that I can say about this company is that they listen to their customers. When you first log into APSM, the homepage has been totally redone. It’s an excellent sales tool for us. We asked for it— the homepage to be more friendly—what are the benefits and what does APSM provide and they did an excellent job on that.”

 -Perry Harlan, Colonial Webb

“APSM Is Quick, It Is User Friendly, And The Notification Process Was Super Helpful”

“We‘re one of the largest processing plants for food and protein, primarily poultry. Pilgrim has 32 sites that use APSM and we have 15-26 GDSM sites. We had been managing the PSM program when it first came out. We migrated to servers and then to SharePoint. 

It was too much manual input on our part, so in 2012 we looked for a tool to use and we found APSM at a conference. Tyson gave us a tutorial and an overview, and we went to Greeley for a weeklong training to implement APSM with the entire company. 

The structure that APSM put together was very intuitive and the notification process within APSM was super helpful. We liked those features. APSM worked tirelessly with setting us up and training us on the management of change wizard. They had a robust and well-written management of chain forms through the MOC wizard they had developed and customized for our audience. 

APSM is quick, it is user friendly, and the notification process was super helpful. We had reviewed other services before deciding on APSM. The way the menu structure was laid out was so intuitive. It was a fit for the way we had structured our program through SharePoint, so it was easy to migrate from SharePoint. APSM responds to us very quickly and they are very attentive to our needs. It is a good management tool—if you want to take away some of the man hours that are required to manage a PSM program. I’m a cheerleader for APSM.”

 -Steven Samolyk, Pilgrims Pride

“APSM Helps Organize PSM Documentation, Lessening The Burden On The Client’s Level”

“We are an industrial refrigeration contractor that works with customers all over the US, South America, Central America, and Europe. Most of the time our customers had personnel issues or structural issues and didn’t want to hire someone to do PSM. 

APSM helps organize PSM documentation, lessening the burden on the client’s level, especially if they’re coming from a file system or a hard copy over to a software-based system. We refer our clients to APSM, but we’re not the end-users since it’s not our responsibility to comply with PSM. However, if I am working on their system, it allows me to login to their system and upload documentation directly. It eliminates confusion. APSM has provided a consistent structure for how we do things and how we deliver documentation. 

A long standing customer of ours was our first customer who introduced us to APSM. They ended up giving us a login to their systems so I could do things directly. Delivering documentation was that much easier. The top benefits are organization, consistency, and speed.”

 -Nick Hankamp, Refrigeration Concepts, Inc.

“We Chose APSM Because Of The Ease Of Management Of The PSM”

“We do food distribution from cold storage for a grocery store chain and have six facilities in six states. We chose APSM because of the ease of management of the PSM. It helps all of us stay on the same page and it streamlines a way for Corporate to go in and audit our programs from a single location. We no longer have books laying around anymore. 

APSM has been pretty involved in updates and transfer requests. They’ve been a great company to work with. They try and meet the customer’s needs. Not only are they responsive, but they’ve also implemented a lot of the suggestions we’ve sent them. They’re a great company to have a partnership with.” 

-Eric Smith, WINCO Foods

“I Needed A Way To Manage PSM Programs And Training”

“I needed a way to manage PSM programs and training. Training was my initial reason why I went for the availability and functionality to make assignments and categorize our groups. I could go in anytime and change it and it’s just evolved. 

We had a program that was very complex. We had to be a licensed, registered user for the previous program. Now we can make work orders and reminders and the training has taken a load off my shoulders. 

We learned about APSM about 11 years ago. We had nothing. Learned about 11 years ago – We had nothing. We were tasked to go out and shop for it. I selected APSM with a group of people. We ran a trial with others and APSM was the most user friendly. 

APSM is very adaptable to taking recommendations and adapting people’s recommendations. I’ve taken several training courses and classes, and within those classes, I’ve always shared the APSM software program to show it off. It’s been very successful. I don’t know if anyone went out and started using it due to my experience, but the availability to pull it up from anywhere is important. It’s a nice little program and I’ll take it with me wherever I go.”

 -Chris Evans, Seaboard Energy

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