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New Dashboard View

APSM is recognized as the leading PSM software. We’re constantly evolving to create a better user experience. Our landing page will soon be upgraded to a new and improved dashboard.

When you log into APSM, you currently land on the ‘My Assigned Tasks’ page. Right now, this page shows all of the task assignments you have from various PSM element areas (MOC tasks, audit tasks, work orders, PHA tasks, etc.)

On September 12th, we are introducing the ‘My Dashboard’ page. This dashboard page will include everything listed before on your ‘My Assigned Tasks’ page, but will add three additional areas to give you an even more complete view of any items due and your certifications.

The three additional areas added to your dashboard are:

  • Training Due (Both SOP training and safety training)
  • SOP Certifications
  • Tests to Review

In addition, your dashboard will also include a graph for each type of item displayed (from all areas) that highlights the number of open items from each category and their current status (open, overdue, or upcoming.)

Here is a snapshot of what the new dashboard will look like:

An Overview Of The New APSM Software Dashboard Element – The Graph

One of the first elements on the new APSM software dashboard is the graph. The graph will display each item that is currently assigned to you, including:

  • Open Items
  • Overdue Tasks
  • Upcoming Items

You will be able to highlight and filter the grid results below based on selections made within the graph. Plus, you’ll also have the ability to filter what is displayed in the graph by selecting or deselecting the ‘Open,’ ‘Overdue,’ and ‘Upcoming’ values in the key below the graph. And, you can adjust the ‘Upcoming Due’ value within the graph as well.

Filter Your Tasks With The New Tasks Grid In Your PSM Software Dashboard

Here, the ‘Tasks Grid,’ which is similar to the ‘My Tasks’ screen, will display each task that you are assigned. It can be filtered and sorted by the following:

  • Title
  • Task Type
  • Plant Location
  • Assigned To (You or a Group you are a member of)
  • Due Date

You can select the title of the task to open and see more task details or to complete the task.

View Your Safety and SOP Training Assignments

See all of your training assignments at a glance on the new APSM software dashboard. The ‘Training Grid’ combines your safety and SOP training assignments into a single screen that allows you to filter and/or sort by the following values:

  • Title
  • Type of Training
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Date Test Last Taken On

You can select the title of the training which will take you directly to that training topic or to the procedure to complete the training and test.

Trainers Can Now see Trainee’s Testing Progress

If you are a trainer, you can see your trainee’s progress using the ‘Test Review Grid.’ This grid allows trainers to quickly see who has tests that are pending review. Trainers will only see tests that they are the assigned trainer for.

Trainers can sort and/or filter by the following:

  • Trainee
  • Plant
  • Count (# of tests to review)

Trainers can select each trainee to open the trainee’s list of tests that are pending review and review each from there.

View SOP Certifications On The New APSM Software Dashboard

The SOP Certifications Grid is visible to users who have the SOP Certification Dashboard setting turned on within the SOP Admin area (click here for a refresher on the SOP Admin Settings). This will display any SOP that needs Review/Certification for any plants that you have the SOP Certification Dashboard setting turned on for.

You will be able to sort and/or filter by the following:

  • Title
  • Status
  • Plant
  • Last Modified
  • Last Reviewed Dates

Selecting the title will open the procedure to review and certify if you have the review/certification permissions.

Additional Announcements! View New Incident Investigation Updates

In addition to the dashboard update, we are excited to announce new Incident Investigation Updates.

New Fields Added to the APSM Online Incident Investigation Form

Our Online Incident Investigation Form has recently undergone an update to include new data fields. These data fields were added to coincide with the latest changes to the RMP Reconsideration Rules.

RMP Public Meeting Provision Now in Effect

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Risk Management Program (RMP) was amended during the Obama Administration to include a requirement that RMP regulated facilities hold a public meeting after an accidental chemical release.

During the Trump Administration, EPA finalized a Reconsideration Rule that modified or rescinded many of the changes made by the Obama Administration. The public meeting requirement was modified to focus on releases with offsite consequences but was otherwise retained in the regulation with an effective date of March 15, 2021.

From that date forward, an RMP regulated facility must hold a public meeting following a reportable accident that has offsite impacts such as known offsite deaths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage, or environmental damage.

The owner or operator of the facility is required to provide a single notice (at minimum) to members of the public to inform them when and where the meeting will be held. During the meeting, the regulated facility must provide the following information:

  1. Date, time, and approximate duration of the release
  2. Chemical(s) released
  3. Estimated quantity released in pounds and, for mixtures containing regulated toxic substances, percentage concentration by weight of the released regulated toxic substance in the liquid mixture
  4. Five or six-digit NAICS (industry type) code that most closely corresponds to the process
  5. The type of release event and its source
  6. Weather conditions, if known
  7. On-site impacts
  8. Known offsite impacts
  9. Initiating event and contributing factors if known
  10. Whether offsite responders were notified if known
  11. Operational or process changes that resulted from investigation of the release and that have been made by the time of the meeting

The public meeting requirement will be enforceable by EPA and could result in monetary penalties and compelling the convening of a public meeting. APSM customers should be aware that any RMP regulated facility that experiences a reportable accident with offsite impacts after March 15, 2021 is required to hold a public meeting within 90 days of the incident.

New Data Fields in Online Incident Investigation Form

Additional data fields have been added to the Online Incident Investigation Form to help APSM customers remain compliant during an incident investigation. The new data fields are as follows:

  • Date/Time of Release Incident: time stamp has been added to track the actual time of the release.
  • Reported Checkbox: When checked, four additional fields are revealed allowing you to record who the incident was reported to and document a case number (if applicable).
  • On Site Injuries: When checked, an additional field is revealed where the number of injuries can be recorded.
  • On Site Deaths: When checked, an additional field is revealed where the number of deaths can be recorded.
  • On Site Damages: When checked, an additional field is revealed where the dollar amount of damage can be recorded.
  • Update to RMP Required: When yes is checked, an additional text field is revealed where a description of any RMP updates can be written.
  • Public Meeting Notice Published: As per the new RMP rules, this area of the form allows you to document if a Public Meeting Notice has been published.
  • Public Meeting Held: This yes/no question only appears if the Public Meeting Notice Published is answered as ‘yes’ and allows you to answer yes/no regarding the public meeting being held.
  • Date/Time Investigation Began: Time stamped has been added to this area to allow for both date and time of incident when the investigation began to be recorded.

Do You Have Questions or Feedback Regarding The New APSM Software Updates? Let Us Know

If you have any questions about your new ‘My Dashboard’ page and/or the new incident investigation updates, don’t hesitate to contact us.