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APSM is excited to announce the release of some incredible new tools within the APSM Portal software that will allow users to have enhanced efficiency during the preparation for and performance of PHA studies and provide users with several additional options during a revalidations or updates as well as the initial population of the software.

The First Enhancement

The first enhancement is the ability to select which fields to include in the copy (from an existing PHA) when you duplicate a PHA in its entirety. The list of available options include the risk ranking, recommendation filters, controls, comments, recommendations, due dates, attachments, etc. giving the users complete control over the copied checklists prior to it’s duplication or update and reduce the time spent making edits within any checklist for a revalidation.

The Second Enhancement

The second enhancement is the ability to copy one or many checklists or nodes from any existing PHA into another PHA checklist for review. This will allow the users to create a complete PHA checklist comprised of existing nodes from several different PHAs, all at once. I could copy 7 different checklists from 7 different PHA studies into my new PHA checklist at the same time. What’s more, the same enhancement listed above is available during this copy function as well, giving the user the ability to not only select which checklist or node to copy, but which fields within that node to copy as well.

The Third Enhancement

The third major enhancement is the ability to copy equipment, including the ability to select any additional fields (SOP, TOS, related documents) that will also be duplicated. This will greatly enhance the efficiency of creating equipment that is similar in nature. This copy feature includes the ability to copy any sub-equipment (including the SOP and TOS information for that sub-equipment) as well as the ability to rename the copied equipment as you go.

These major features will greatly enhance the ability for users to implement the APSM software efficiently, as well as prepare for and manage the PHA checklist process at any time.

The details and walkthroughs for these updates is listed below: